How do i stream from Traktor?

upma Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I've been using traktor for about 15 years now, and asking how do i stream live online with traktor might sound a bit silly to you. because for the most of these years i have been streaming live online with traktor. sometimes i go a good 5 years before my settings get wiped, then i have to figure out how to stream again. i use shoutcast. and stereomix isn't working. my PC has never heard of traktor. tractor has every available sound input option except the 2 i need. radiocast or stereo mix. my setup is traktor pro 3. traktor x1. which both are working fine. and again my question. how do i stream online?

I pray for a time when the people at native instruments read this, and dump icecast, and put in shoutcast in the broadcasting.


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