Komplete Kontrol 3.02 - Still not showing all expansions. Vst 2 will not work with 3.02 in windows.

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You stated this was fixed?

Here is just a few, from my library which are not showing in KK3. Same as previous version 3.01.

I'm off now to test if the VST2 will work with this version. This will be my 4th attempt of thying this. Getting sick of rescanning between KK3 and KK2 2.9.6


***Forget this. After restarting my computer, I now see all expansion packs!***



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    Why such a small image when uploaded. How is anyone supposed to read this? You used to allow full size images when uploading?

  • rdalcroft
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    And...... Komplete Kontrol vst2, again! does not work with Komplete Kontrol 3 installed.

    Reaper Just crashes, when trying to open it.

    Your instructions are just wrong! Have you actually tested this on a windows system, over there at Native Instruments.

    How can it possibly work, when there is no longer any Komplete Kontrol 2.96 software installed. Because when you update to Komplete kontrol 3.02, it removes Komeplet kontrol 2.96 from the system.

    So keeping the VST2.dll, and putting it back into the VST2 folder can't work, when the vst2.dll is looking for Komplete Kontrol v 2.96 software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Try using JPG format and then select a suitable compression ratio . (problem could be your upload size)

    If you are on Windows (your OS is not shown , not on your profile either!) then use Irfan View and when you save as JPG then choose quality to between 85-90 (personally %85 usually works for me)..

    Else , if that doesn't help then use external site and give link !

  • rdalcroft
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    KK version 3 works fine!!!!

    KK 2.9.6 does not work. Do you see what I mean. How can it. Where there is no software for it to open.

    The only way that it may work, is if I had both versions of the program installed. But the way native access works, it wont allow this, as it updates, and does not let you choose a diferent location from where version 2.9.6 is installed.

  • rdalcroft
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    I know you all have just tested this on a mac environment. Because mac only allows both versions of the software ro remain on the computer. Komplete Kontrol 3 is installed along side Komplete Kontrol 2.

    So both versions of the .dll file know where to look.

    This is not the case in a windows enviroment.

  • rdalcroft
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    Ok thank you for the instructions. Yes I am on windows.

    I will just use links in future. I used to beable to upload fine at full size? But yes these were .png's

  • rdalcroft
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    Here is some of the log file from ableton:

    2023-11-03T11:38:59.668873: info: MemoryUsage: V: 6.4 GB, R: 857 MB, P: 817.8 MB

    2023-11-03T11:39:03.314855: info: MemoryUsage: V: 6.7 GB, R: 1.1 GB, P: 1.1 GB

    2023-11-03T11:39:12.816561: info: CompositorD3D: D3d11 device supports feature level: 'D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0' (45056)

    2023-11-03T12:00:59.519122: info: MemoryUsage: V: 6.7 GB, R: 975.3 MB, P: 953.7 MB

    2023-11-03T12:01:05.923921: info: CompositorD3D: D3d11 device supports feature level: 'D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0' (45056)

    2023-11-03T12:01:18.449178: info: VST2: Going to create: Komplete Kontrol

    2023-11-03T12:01:18.453658: info: VST2: DLL File Version:

    2023-11-03T12:01:18.453681: info: VST2: Plugin Path: "C:/Program Files/VSTPlugins/Komplete Kontrol.dll"

    2023-11-03T12:01:18.462784: error: FatalError: Uncaught exception

    2023-11-03T12:01:18.462824: info: Exception: Fatal Error: GTerminateHandler

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.150151: info: #######################################

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.150969: info: Started: Live 11.3.13 Build: 2023-10-17_b376a4ffe2

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.150984: info: #######################################

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.150994: info: Init: Setup environment

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.151003: info: PcEnvInit: Looking for global app dir at location "C:\ProgramData"

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256510: info: Init: Version: 'Live 11.3.13 Build: 2023-10-17_b376a4ffe2' 1114899

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256532: info: Init: BuildRevisions: b376a4ffe2734bb43bb06f3a36871bb868ae2231

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256539: info: Init: Commit ID: 'b376a4ffe2734bb43bb06f3a36871bb868ae2231'

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256655: info: Init: OS: 'Windows 11 Professional Version 23H2'

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256665: info: Init: BuildType: 'Release'

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256672: info: Init: Pid: 17548

    2023-11-03T12:01:37.256773: info: Init: CPU Brand String: '11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz'

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    Alas there is still three days until Jeremy_NI returns on the 6th of November , and even then he will have his hands full with all the problems following the Cyber Season sales. But usually Jeremy is a really good and well connected liaison. There is other N.I. staff roaming the forum but presence appear to be scarce at best , especially with all the product driver/firmware problems with the new Kontrol Sxx MK3..

  • rdalcroft
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    Thanks for the heads up. I did think things were a little quiet around here the last few days.

    I will wait a week or so, before doing anymore testing on my part then.

  • BIF
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    Hello @rdalcroft ...

    Wait a minute, I thought KK 3.0.x was not going to support VST2 anymore. If I'm correct, then you have your answer to some of the above.

    Folks, did I miscombobulate some facts somewhere along the way?

    EDIT: Nope, I did not miscombobulate it. Komplete Kontrol 2.9.x is the last version of KK that supports VST2. 3.x.x does not support VST2.

  • rdalcroft
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    Yes you did miscombobulate! It even tells you what to do in the instructions in the release notes.

    NOTE: VST2 is removed when installing on Windows. If you wish to keep the VST2, please copy the plug-in and move it back to your plug-in folder after installing Komplete Kontrol 3. All users should stop using the VST2, as it will be phased out in the coming months.

    mmmm.... Did I get it wrong?

  • rdalcroft
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    All I want this for, is so I can duplicate all my tracks that use the vst 2, so I can copy the settings, and save the all with the new vst3 settings.

    Right now, because Ableton does not have vst migration between vst2 and vst3, it makes it very labour some to do.

    Once I get this done, I can forget about the vst 2. and just continue with KK3 (even though I hate the interface of the new version.

  • Martin_NI
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    Hey @rdalcroft,

    As @PoorFellow mentioned, I am one of the "staff roaming." 😄 For the products not showing up in your browser, have you deleted your Komplete.db3 file and any files that end in ".lck"

    Normally this should not be required, but If Komplete Kontrol was in a DAW that crashed, sometimes the .lck file is not removed, which can stop the browser from correctly rescanning.

    For Komplete Kontrol 2 not showing up in Ableton, I just want to double-check you are trying to run the Komplete Kontrol 2 VST2 and not the VST3. Also, the plug-in is in your VST2 folder. I have noticed sometimes Ableton Live shows a plug-in that does not exist until you try to load it, and then it stops showing in the list. If all the above is working as expected do you have any other DAW that can host VST2 on your system? If so, could you try one of them to see if Komplete Kontrol 2 VST2 works there, that way, it will be easier for us in engineering to get to the bottom of what's going on.

    Thank you for your help!

  • rdalcroft
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    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to reply:

    I amended my post about the Expansions, they all show up correctly now, after a restart. Not an issue now.

    1. Before up-grading to Komplete Kontrol 3.02, I had Komplete Kontrol 2.9.6 installed, and working correctly in both Ableton and Reaper.
    2. Before Upgrading to KK 3.02, I copied the Komplete Kontrol 2 VST2.dll to a safe location.
    3. After the install completed. I then coppied the VST2.dll back to my VST2 folder.
    4. I opened Komplete Kontrol 3, and let it do a Plugin scan in syandalone mode, It completed.
    5. I started Reaper DAW, let it scan the VST2 on start up, which it did fine.
    6. I open the Komplete Kontol 2 VST2 version. Reaper Immediately crashes? (The VST3 for Komplete Kontrol opens fine).
    7. I now try Abelton 11, open it, let it scan for new vst's. It completes both VST2 and VST3 scans.
    8. I open the Komplete Kontrol 2 VST2 as shown in the included pics in my post, you saw the error. (VST3 opens fine because it is 3.02 and the program is installed for 3.02.
    9. It is impossible for version 2.9.6 VST2.dll to be-able to locate Komplete Kontrol 3.02 because the .dll is programmed to link to version 2.9.6 of Komplete control. If there is no program there, the .dll with throw an error, hence why it is crashing.
    10. I know from a previous reply from you, that you run a mac system, in which both 2.9.6 and 3.01 are installed in separate location, this is why it works fine on a mac system. Each VST is looking in the correct location for their respective versions of the program

  • BIF
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    Well, I'm right and you're right, I suppose. There is indeed a way to keep VST2 "for a time" with KK 3.0.x, but per your quoted passage, NI says that we should stop using VST2 now before they have to drop all support for it.

    Besides all that, as noted by Wikipedia, VST2 came out in 1999 while VST3 came out in 2008. I get it, some people have very old songs that were written with VST2 instruments, so they want to keep that if they can. But it's almost a 25 year old standard by now and is no longer supported. Some forum posts also imply that most creators can't legally make new VST2 instruments anyway and that they need to fly with VST3 or kick rocks. If that's true, then it may explain why even NI is going VST3-only with KK 3.0.x and KK MK3.

    VST3 is a 15 year old standard. I wouldn't be surprised if Steinberg were working on a VST4 standard, although back in 2020, they said they weren't planning on it.

    My advice? Decide what old songs you want to preserve, and go do that. Render the songs, or at least bounce the VST2 tracks to audio, so that you'll at least have wave file stems. Alternatively, you can re-vamp those songs with VST3 plugins, or at least make notes in those projects so that you can do that if you ever want to do a future "best of" using those old songs and their instrument tracks.

    Or do nothing and cross that bridge when you get to it. That's probably what I'll do.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!

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