Do Mono Outputs Break Komplete Kontrol Multi Output?

Rob Gray
Rob Gray Member Posts: 46 Member
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I’m trying to understand a potential bug in Komplete Kontrol and could use some help.

I’m testing the VST3 version in REAPER and the Multi-Output AU Version in Logic Pro, so any plugins loaded within them are VST3.

The VST3 plugin Addictive Drums 2 has a fixed-configuration multi-output routing to a few mono tracks and a few stereo tracks.

When multi-out is enabled in the plugin there is no output on any of the outputs in Komplete Kontrol.

This happens in Logic and REAPER. An instance of Addictive Drums 2 outside of Komplete Kontrol works fine.

I find this strange because in hosts that don’t support mono outputs from plugins, the first few outputs of AD2 are usually empty and then there is signal on the next stereo outputs. It makes me suspect there might be a bug where mono outputs stop the multi-output system in Komplete Kontrol from working.

Can anyone else test this or does anyone know of any more VST3 plugins with multiple mono outputs?


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