Can anyone help fix a bitcrushing / crackle sound with Komplete Audio 6 Mk2 on Windows

Confusiohm Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
  • The error is only audible when using the Komplete Audio 6
  • I have it plugged direct in to USB 3.0 on the motherboard
  • Using the official ASIO drivers
  • updated Komplete ASIO drivers, fresh ableton install, updated KA6 firmware
  • The bit crushing happens intermittently, but generally it always occurs within a couple of minutes of beginning audio playback.
  • The slight pops/crackle sounds are constant and have no delay in when they start
  • I have a 5600G processor and have run far more CPU heavy projects on this computer with no issue
  • I have tried running max buffer in very simple projects (like a single instance of Wavetable) with the same issue.
  • It only seems to occur inside Ableton Live, other software has no issue sending clean audio out of the Ka6. so I assume its some problem between Ableton and KA6
  • I have exported audio out of Ableton and the issue is not audible in that exported file


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