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Hi, still newbie, but it is getting better. Here my question: I am using a Maschine Mikro. In the software Maschine 2 there is a „start“ button that need to be hit in order to record audio. I do not find a button on the mikro to activate this button. Is there a such button on the mikro?

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    Press "Sampling" button on the mikro.

    You will see Record Sample with icon with an arrow pointing down and Start written below.

    Click down on the big encoder knob/button on the mikro and it will start/stop.

    If you have an input you're sampling make sure you change it from Sync to Detect in the software and adjust the levels for activating record. You should now see your audio source in the meters when played.

    You may have to change length and Input source to get this setup correctly.


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