Missing Komplete Daw Ableton

MarikaMay Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hi ,

after a restart seems don't possible to set up on Ableton my keyboard MK2 S49

The display is empty, button light off , have only basic skills (octave semi button )

Komplete Kontrol DAW -1 under Input and Output. NOT SHOW MORE

i tried the BIMIDI and netfxrepairtool but nothing don' t work

Any Idea ?


  • MarikaMay
    MarikaMay Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

     You tell me to use Komplete Kontrol software instrument instead of Kontakt.

    I don' t understand the difference can you explain step by step ? Please

  • dexl
    dexl Member Posts: 43 Member

    I have the same problem, after updating to the latest KK/Kontakt software I lost the DAW integration for A61 keyboard. Anything we should know?

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