Product search on NI webpage fails avery time.

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The search function on the NI webpage fails every time I use it (since months). The error message is thie:


Oops! We seem to be having trouble completing your request.

Please try again in a moment."


Do I am the only one?


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    Depending on where and how you use the search feature you may get a somewhat better or a somewhat worse experience. One thing is for sure though and that is that the search feature on the site is really poor and I personally have also had plenty of problems with it. If you use the search feature in upper right side at site root : then you are supposed to let the site auto generate suggestions

    But your problem could also be related to what browser that you use and the plugins that you have in the browser and / or your cookie settings. In case of any problems with any site then it is always advisable to try another browser with all cookies accepted and with no plugins installed. E.g. try alternative browsers that you do not normally use from list such as Firefox , Vivaldi , Opera and Chrome..

    Alternatively , you can always search any site using Google and then after your search term then add the following : (change the part to whatever site that you want to search !)

    A search for e.g. Kontrol S61 MK3 on will look like this (click link to open in your browser) :

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