Recording in Extermal Mixer Mode in TRAKTOR - problem with recording mix

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i am a Windows user and running Traktor 3 on 2 channel Traktor Scratch Audio 6.

When i set up settings like this, i have no signal in recording.

Could you please help me with that?



  • Uwe303
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    you have to setup the source under "input FX send" - you have set master out as "output FX send". I guess you have one input pair free 5-6 maybe. You have to route master out or rec out from the mixer to input 5-6 and set this under "input FX send" as source.

  • lord-carlos
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    When you use external mixing mode you need to get the master or rec out from the hardware mixer and send it back into the A6 with a cable.

    Are you doing that?

    We have to see a screenshot of input routing. But I assume it's the main in. The input on the front.

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