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Hi there

does anybody know if it's possible to manually add images to non NKS library to show them on the Kontrol MK3 screen instead of a generic Kontakt picture?

Also, I see all my non-NKS libraries are organized under a Native Instruments folder in the browser page. How can I organize them per actual developer?


  • Vagus
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    Hey @gcorcella - Yes, you can.

    1280x212 - try and keep an logo central, and 106 pixles high - you can go to 159, but central, half width looks nicer, imo.

    It needs to the following:

    NKS2_hardware_banner.webp (inside the <plugin manufacturer><pluigin name> folder in Users/Public/Public Documents/NI resources) - not to sure where the MAC equivilent is.

    This should work for Plugins, as well as Kontakt instruments, but I haven't tested it for Kontakt instruments as yet - I will test and report back.

    If you're seeing instruments under native instruments, the vendor name will need to be changed (for MK3 browsing. You can find details of how to do all this stuff here:

    NKS User Library - Page 116 — Community (native-instruments.com)

  • gcorcella
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    Thank you

    ok, I looked into Damage 2 which is NKS2 and the webp banner is in the "image" folder, same folder as the MST_artwork for the Kontakt 7 image but the keyboard does not find it even after the Rescan

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