The Stock Tube Saturator INIT Problem

mason drielling
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The EQ response on the Stock Saturator (Tube) is messed up. I understand, it wasn't easy getting it to the point it's at.

I got this EQ curve matching the response from before and after a couple master references with the Tube saturator. There is a big discrepancy here in the highs thats worth pointing out as you cannot just EQ it to fix it.

For the rest of the frequency spectrum the Tube Saturator still manages to produces a full, useful sound.

Is there an official way to restore the highs lost by a tube saturator? Or a more common workaround I may not be aware of?

I've been using this free plugin in the meantime



  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 433 Pro

    OK, I might be really wrong about this, but

    ...from my understanding, the point of a saturator is to mimick analog signal chain components and very often that is basically achieved by rolling of the highs. In fact, I was thinking about how the various saturator plugins might just be intricate EQ chains, because I thought it is basically what makes people think something sounds "analog".

    Meaning, maybe that individual EQ curve might be by design?

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