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New Komplete Install Questions

JamPro Member Posts: 12 Member

Hello. I have a Komplete 9 license, and I recently bought the boxed Komplete 13 upgrade. I installed Komplete 13 on a new computer yesterday - I had not previously installed Komplete 9 on this new computer, so I was making a new install of Komplete 13 on this new computer.

Everything went well (thank you NI).

  1. However, now that the install is finished, my computer desktop has two icons for Kontact (Kontact and Kontact 5), and two icons for Reaktor (Reaktor 5 and 6). I am curious why the install included multiple versions of the same software. Can I remove the older redundant versions of installed software - not just the desktop icons, but the app itself?
  2. Because I have also previously bought additional Kontact products (Scarabee Funk Guitar and Electricity), these were also installed at the same time I did the install of Komplete 13. However, the Native Access app is telling me that I need to install the Electricity library. I believe I have the Electricity DVD. How do I install the Electricity library?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,752 Expert
    Answer ✓

    1) As you have also Komplete 9, you have licence for Kontakt 5 and 6, Reaktor 5 and 6 and Guitar Rig 5 and 6.

    If you do not need older versions, you may uninstall them. On Win using Windows Add/Remove Program. On Mac it is a bit more work.

  • JamPro
    JamPro Member Posts: 12 Member

    Thank you Kubrak for your informative reply.

    I am new to using Native Access so there are parts of this install operation that I did not understand. My studio computer is normally "off-line", and I did not understand that Native Access must be on-line to work at all (with my studio computer off-line, I was unable to get to the Native Access Preferences menu to check on the installation locations). I bought the boxed version of Komplete 13 because my own internet access is slow. So I needed to be online anyways because I needed Native Access to do the installation even tho' I was installing the boxed version of Komplete 13. Consequently, after clicking on Install All, Native Access installed these older versions of the software, along with the newer versions. I did not understand this when I started.

    Can you or anyone answer my question about loading a Kontact instrument "library"?

    Thanks again.

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,125 admin

    Hey @JamPro, I have to say I also wonder what the 'Electricity' library is. Could you post a screenshot so we could have a better view of the issue?

  • JamPro
    JamPro Member Posts: 12 Member

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

    Here is a screenshot of my Naive Access:

    If anyone can tell me what I need to do to get the Electricity instrument working - i.e. how do I "add library" - I appreciate it. Thanks

  • JamPro
    JamPro Member Posts: 12 Member

    Thank you Nico for your helpful reply. I will try your suggestion and report back on my progress.

    I'm interested in what you say about a 3rd party library. At the time I installed Komplete 13, the Kontact instrument Scarabee Funk Guitar (for which I had earlier bought a license) was also installed. I assumed Scarabee Funk Guitar was also a 3rd party library, so I was surprised that it was installed at the same time as Komplete 13.

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,125 admin

    Scarbee Funk is not a 3rd party, it's a NI product 👍

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