A "Hide" button much appreciated in Native Access.

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You took away Komplete Kontrol S-Series of Mk 1. You sent us a letter with lame arguments. Now, can you put in a button to hide updates in Native access (furthermore called NA)? I don't want to update to Komplete Kontrol 3. It is always there in the NA. I really don't want to click that piece of an upgrade. I know myself and I click every upgrade there is and now I have to be careful.

Oh, just re-install 2.9.x and you're fine with S Mk 1. That is just awful to NI customers. I own Komplete CE and a Mk1. Will I ever buy from NI again? I don't think so. German "control hysteria "got out of your hands. How many are we with S-series Mk 1? Hands up!

We are "ancient" to NI.

Good luck NI. I'm off the "cart".


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    How many are we with Komplete Kontrol keyboard Mk 1? How many of us like to be abandon as Mk 1 users? Polls seems to be absent here. I bought latest Komplete CE and some weeks later NI dropped the bomb. I'm not amused and I don't want to invest in a new keyboard over the one functioning I already have. Climate changes anyone? Make Komplete 3 work on Mk 1. Otherwise I'm of Native - totally. Shame on you in Berlin!



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