How to delete files / get rid of the recent button

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Hi everybody,

I would like to know how can I download on my Maschine + older files. When I push on the 'FILE / save' buton, I only have 10 files which are the last 10 ones i worked on and are possible to dowload but I can't get the older ones. I would like to get rid o the Recent button on the top but I don't know how.

Also, I don't kn,ow how to delete files from the sd card.

Thank you for your answer !


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    I don't have any Maschine but there is a discussion about it over here:

    it says that : Use Browse [User] -> Projects: There’s the whole list of your projects.

    in the browse view you can also delete projects from standalone mode on the maschine plus by pressing erase.

    Else (Please backup files and registry prior to meddling and do not edit registry if you do not understand risks involved if doing wrong) :

    If you are on Windows then look for posts at lower part of page by MASCHINE_TECH 911

    If you are on MAC then look at the post by D-One that says : On MacOS it's just a plist file:  /Users/<USER_NAME>/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Maschine 2.plist

    How to delete from SD-card look at page 48 in the manual , when in Storage Mode you ought to be able to delete stuff using your computer :

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    Hi PoorFellow !

    Great, thanks alot. Really helpfull ! By my enthousiasm, you probably understood it's working.

    Have a nice day and talk to you soon !

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