using snapshot in studio drummer with none default key mapping

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I am using Maschine for finger dramming. I have created a different key mapping so for example D1 loads kick instead of snare. when I save this mapping and save the instruments it will load again with the new one instead of default. but when I choose some of the snapshots preset, the mapping is overridden and no matter what I select for the midi key mapping it will not change. I can change it key by key but can not save it to the snapshot. Is there any way to do this?


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    hoping some of the developers will read this and can fix this in an update release for Studio Drummer.

    I have managed to find the bug in the options script of this plugin.

    function on persistence_changed , checks if init was run or not but when not, it exceute call recall_data and that assumes that var of %user_mapping_data is loaded which is not since the snapshot was made with only factory mapping and could not include the user ones.

    that is why there is an error in the array offset.

    I add this 3 lines :

    load_array(%num_user_presets, 1)

    load_array(%user_mapping_data, 1)

    load_array(!user_mapping_names, 1)

    which basically fixes the issue, I still need to change the mapping manually or save the user snapshot with the mapping set.

    I hope this helps any one that has the same problem.

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