Why no mouse wheel inside Kontakt instruments?

ProfessorChaos Member Posts: 118 Advisor

I just can't understand this. So many great instruments inside Kontakt, like the guitars, Lores, and now Fables, another amazing hybrid instrument with beautiful pads. NI has hit a home run with all these hybrid instruments, Ashlight, Arkhis, Lores and so many more.

But besides the fact that looking at their GUIs is always eye straining because they may be larger than your typical old fashioned Kontakt instrument, but even if you zoom the whole Kontakt GUI, the text is blurry as hell. Same for the guitars and others.

But even worse, you have a ton of presets in a list, but you can't use the mouse wheel, at least not in macOS. Wouldn't surprise me if you can in Windows, because macOS always gets the second class citizen treatment from all software developers, but in Kontakt under macOS, you can't. Of course it works if you want to scroll between instruments, if you loaded more than one, but anything inside the instrument, nothing.

So you want to listen to all the presets in a library like Fables, and you are forced to scroll by clicking and dragging a tiny scroll bar:

And it doesn't even scroll in a smooth way, or at least progressively as you move it. It works like a page up/down kind of thing, at one point it goes to the next page.

Native Instruments, do you think this is right, in almost 2024? Come on!!



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