updated komplete kontrol 3.01 and now no plugin guis appear

djwaxxy Member Posts: 46 Member

i updated to k3 and if i loaded up any vst plugin you could click on the name/icon and it would pop up and you could edit and navigate presets within it but ive just updated too k3.01 and now none of that is working.

i can load up nks supported plugins but if i try load up any other vst or add a fx plugin then i cant open the gui ..

whats going on?and can this be fixed?


  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 2,775 Expert

    Are you clicking on the browser icon to switch views?

  • djwaxxy
    djwaxxy Member Posts: 46 Member

    yes it wasnt doing anything ...i restarted native access and its saying komplete kontrol update needed to be fixed..so i reinstalled it and skipped scan plugins and its all working now..i was panicing it wasnt broken lol..thanks

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