Multiple Issues since 'upgrading'

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I dont even know where to begin with this mess, and I could have also put this in Komplete Kontrol and Native access as well

-Native Access. Everything was ok there until NI 'upgraded' the software. Now when I load it I get 2 error messages. #1-A new version could not be installed. I guess I am on v3.6? Oh, I get 2 identical messages. #2- v3.7 will be installed when exiting. I get 2 of these messages too. When I exit and reload, nothing changes..same messages

Komplete Kontrol. Everything was ok until NI upgraded the software other than very long load times on some libraries. v3.0 rendered my mk1 keyboard pretty useless so i had to discover the hard way that v 3 renders your mk1 pretty useless and then go find old software...ok, thats problem solved and just a rant. I can live with abandoned software that looks like its from the 80's

Kontakt. Everything was ok until NI upgraded Kontakt to v 7 other than mentioned long load times. I guess I also need Kontakt v6 because one or more of my libraries wont run in v6. so I have both Kontakt 7.6 and 6.8 installed

Things kind of work now I guess. VERY long lead times that didnt exist before and who wants to sit there waiting.?? anyone know how to fix?

Note that when I load kontakt in standalone it doesnt even index the libraries. I get a drop down instructing me to open containing folder, along w. the other normal choices like opening a pdf file/...that would explain the slow down since it would seem that KK depends on K to work? I mostly use KK for the keyboard integration in my DAW

How do I fix this? I tried reinstalling both versions of Kontakt I have. my settings seem correct, pointing native access to the correct installation paths..and etc. my machine has good resources.

All this is there any benefit to me running Kontakt v7? Should I uninstall v7..seems dumb to have to have 2 versions of the same program installed. My keyboard is where the rubber meets the road and i;ve no plans to 'upgrade' that keyboard and certainly wouldnt buy an mk3 if i did. I could live with using my retro software..lots better than having things perform worse than before, but very far from the way things should be

sorry this is so long


  • nobadmojo
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    Ok redownloading and reinstalling Native Access fixed that problem

    and I;m getting the best of what I can out of Komplete Kontrol altho I cant say I like how NI treated their customers w. the mk1 thing

    I really would like to fix this issue with Kontakt. I see menu options to batch resave, collect samples/batch compress, reload all samples, etc. I dont want to make this situation worse, so am looking for help with this one thing. I know that when you hit the Instrument drop down, I should be presented w. the instruments, so something is wrong there and might explain the very long lead times w. some of my stuff..Can having 2 versions of Kontakt installed be a problem?

    Appreciate any help so I dont have to spend much more time on this and can make some music

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    nobadmojo Member Posts: 63 Member

    I was able to get most of this stuff working good as it was before after having to spend a bunch of time just to get it back to the way it was before all the 'upgrades'...I should just delete this was more about me thinking aloud..ha.

    But it is a mystery why things in Kontakt do not work but work in KK. I'll just stick to using the old KK because that works well with my excellent s61 mk1..

    Thats to more pleasant things..lots of other people are having various issues w. NI these days, so i dont feel picked on...

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