beat-jumping on odd numberings -3 -2.5 -2.25 etc

6xes Member Posts: 674 Pro
edited October 2023 in Traktor Software & Hardware

i would assume that with the usual S series controllers these numbering beat jumps are not part of the default...

i've attempted to map this with my Maschine Jam so i can press 2 buttons simultaneously to give me the odd numbering beatjumps... however, it seems you cannot utilise dual button press to give an exact beat jump of lets say -2.5 which would be a -2 + 0.5..

what it tends to do is... trigger only 1 of the 2 buttons,

you can however add a slight delay in the button presses but it is not the same as doing it on with the exact timing, in which you can get some clever beat jumping off cue points or phrases in a vocal stem

if anyone has a workaround for this... or know how to trigger 2 beatjumps to create odd numberings would be a great assist


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