Still having a very annoying issue with Kontrol MK3 in Cubase

gcorcella Member Posts: 52 Member

Basically, when I open a Kontakt 7 or KK instance the screen on the keynoard stays on the MIDI Default Template unless I click on the S88 icon in KK or the keyboard's name in Kontakt. Same thing if I go from one channel to the other in Cubase. EVERY TIME I have to tell Kontakt or KK that I am using the S88 keyboard.

In the Studio Setup everything seems to be connected correctly.

Is anyone experiencing this kind of issue? This is VERY annoying.



  • gcorcella
    gcorcella Member Posts: 52 Member

    UPDATE: today I tried to connect it to my MacBook Pro and it works fine. Maybe is it a Windows issue like the Firmware Update?

  • gcorcella
    gcorcella Member Posts: 52 Member

    something similar happened with the MK1 when the M32 was connected. Basically, Komplete Kontrol automatically selected as controller the M32 and every time I had to manually select the S88 unless I unplugged the M32. 

    But now the M32 is not connected and in any case it doesn't work directly with Kontakt. 

    So maybe something else is causing a conflict that avoid Kontakt to automatically select the MK3? Go figure out what is it if this is the case...

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