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I love so much Maschine software and hardware + the direct integration with komplet Kontrol s2 MK2 Keyboard this is the big strength of NI, DAD THAT IT IS NOT THE CASE ANY MORE WITH THE NEW KONTROL MK3 keyboard, Maschine Software for me is exactly the DAW of the present and futur! seeing these 3 parts tutorials demontrate that with all the times Boris creates everything directly on hardwares is unbelievable, we need more of than with as well making Maschine to be very strong with further edited directly in software if need it, NI doesn't realise ah powerful this tools can be. 


-more ready presets of TEMPLATE PRODUCTION of differentS genra: Pop, Rock, Electro-pop, CINEMATIC, lofi, blues, lofi-jazz; lofi-hiphop; bleu rock, indy-rock, alternative, hiphop...

-more ready TEMPLATE PRODUCTION WITH LOOPS SOUND, with possibility to add one shot sound, VST instruments, sample audio and sample audio source recording

-more ready presets GROUPS TEMPLATE for recording real instruments audio source with FX for Acoustic instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars; Amps; Bass; Mics, vocals...

-more group template for vocals recording, with fx on it something like guitar rig7 pro. 

-more FX groupe template for Neutron for mix

-more master CHANNEL TEMPLATE for iZotope Ozone directly create that don't burn the CPU of Maschine

-more flexibilities in ARRANGER VIEW

-more flexibilities and possibilities in IDEA VIEW to uses more that 1pattern, like 2 or 3 patterns in same time in one groupe for 1SCENE!!!!

-more bigger MIXER VIEW with different zoom possibilities with advanced VST graphisme

-More ready presets Template with FX for Drums, kick, snare, cymbales,

-more ready presets with FX for percussions instruments like Cajon, tango, hand claps,

-more ready presets with Fx for capture sample audio for sound design easy to use

-customisation of ICON image instrument of Group channel for easy view, very important please.

-modern ''analogique''general view of the software specially for mixer View.

SUGGESTION for the futur Maschine MK4 HARDWARE:

-more sensitive poly velocity 16PADs WITH polyphonic aftertouch like for Kontrol MK3 keyboard

- direct connection to Kontakt, plus next-generation NKS like Kontrol MK3 keyboard

-Audio interface with 2 XLR/TRS combo connections at least 2, supplementary input and output connection for pedal audio/FX, synth connections

-powerful preamps insert

- USB, MIDI, and bus-powered USB-C, +2 assignable pedal inputs including a default sustain and default expression +hub connections for hard disk, and direct connection for Kontrol S MK3,Mk2 M32 keyboards

-2 headphone outputs connections

-SD card for storing your own content. For the sampling aficionados with larger libraries, it’s possible to expand this up to 1 TB, or even more with a hard drive via USB.

-bring back the big wheel knob with light/led of Maschine studio hardware, with extra option, +4D knob in alu with nice grip


-additional touch strip, for more option intuitive touch strip.

-2 Metal-touch pitch and modulation wheels with central illumination.

- a ON/OFF knob with direct call of the Maschine software TO BE ON/OFF

-bigger ONE TOUCHSCREEN, a level master and group select on right side of the screen like on Maschine JAM with knobs option select

-keep 8 Anodized aluminum encoder 8 wheels ADD metre led/level on it NOT ON SCREEN LIKE FOR KONTROL MK3 keyboard it's just wasting on space for the screen!!! + add a push/select option

-sample bouton with daw control bouton not on top of the hardware

-support legs to adjust position, curve front side for confort to play finger drumming and control daw boutons and rest arms

-icon image customisation of group channel visible on big one touch screen

-option icon image for every PAD sound possible.

-more easy direct control of view daw, add navigation bouton, directly with control bouton, as move mixer, arranger/idea view directly with control bouton or move them on right side of hardware side of 16pads.

can some others users suggest something they'll like to see on the new Maschine3 software and futur hardwares MK4 or Micro MK4 ???

thanks everyone and NI team

i am a big lover of NI and Maschine software and hardware hope with to see great new features to be add

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