It hasn't been resolved for several days. Maschine ....demo

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After inquiring, every day has come and I have implemented it, but it is still not resolved.

I am using Maschine Mk3.

However, this problem occurred after I accidentally purchased the 'Maschine Factory Library' software for $99.

When I purchased it, I looked closely at the description and found out that 'Maschine Factory Library' is used in 'Maschine mIkro mk3' and I would like to get a refund, but I am still unable to do so.

As a beginner, I naturally thought that the software was compatible with Maschine MK3. :) My mistake!

After that, something went wrong and things ended up like this. Please help me

I am uploading the photo below because I think it will explain it in detail. I'm still a beginner at English ^^

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