help me understand. PLEASE

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I have download komplete standand 14, now Im trying to update but went i put the serial number in it say your account is missing base product. i thought if i have komplete 14 standand i can use my update now


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    You don't give us lot of details, but i assume, you had komplete standand 13 (or an earlier version) before and now you want to upgrade to komplete standand 14, but you didn't kept your komplete standand 13 (the missing base product) and uninstalled it, or some of its basic components. If this is the case, then you should install first the komplete standand 13 again and then upgrade to komplete standand 14.

    Lots of assumptions, but as i wrote above, you don't give us any details, your question is very "generic". :-)

    It is also possible that you ordered the wrong K14 UCE, and you got the update instead of the upgrade! In such case, you should contact the NI support team.

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    Quote Jeremy_NI :

    Maybe my colleagues were not clear enough. An update is for example Komplete Standard 13 to Komplete Standard 14. An upgrade is for upgrading a bundle, for example Komplete 14 Select to Komplete 14 Standard. You bought an update instead of an upgrade. More information here: What Exactly is a Crossgrade / Update / Upgrade and How Do I Qualify?

    It is important to first and foremost to discern what it is that you have and have not !

    If you have a Komplete 14 Standand update then you will need a previous version of Komplete like e.g. Komplete 13 Standard to use that !

    If what you got is a Komplete 14 Standard upgrade from Komplete 14 Select then you can use it to upgrade from 14 Select - else you can not !

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