Why I’m Ditching Traktor

BrockDeLong Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hey folks, this post is a swan song: after 10 years of using Traktor, I’m leaving the software and hardware behind. Wanted to share the primary reasons:

  1. No stems
  2. No flexible beatgrids
  3. No SoundSwitch integration

Secondary “nice-to-haves” reasons I’m leaving:

  1. No remote control options via app
  2. No Tidal integration
  3. Lack of support for other outside hardware

It feels like I’m missing out on growing as a DJ without these features. If even some of these features got added soon, I’d happily come back, as I love everything else about Traktor. I know that it is on the roadmap to add some of them, but who knows when or if that will happen. In the unknown amount of time that takes, I’d rather learn a new DJ software.

I’ll miss you, Traktor, thanks for the good times!

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