Maschine mk2 + Ableton Live 11.3, unusable due to latency

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When loading the VST3 version of the Maschine 2.0 software, I cannot record drums due to extreme latency. It sounds fine during recording, although it is hard to get it to register hits properly. Playing back the recorded notes gives a delay of about half a measure, which is crazy. I'd imagine the maschine plug-in and the controller having a direct connection through a dedicated communication protocol, so I don't get why this latency is so bad. Or is is the way ableton deals with plug-ins?

This is quite frustrating, as I like the maschine kits. I have noticed the article on this issue in AU plug-in, but found no info on using VST. Is AU the recommended plug-in on macOS? My maschine mk2 is unusable this way, and the pots are worn out... Thinking about replacing it with an MPC One or Live mk2.


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    There is zero reasons to use AU in Ableton, AU is for Logic, it offers nothing for an Ableton user, it actually has less features than the VST2/3... So start there, simply use the VST version.

    Something is very wrong over there, there shouldn't be any extra latency other than the one that is displayed on your Ableton preferences, you can pick the buffer size you want and how much latency is acceptable depending on your CPU power or scenario.

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