issues with Kontakt 7 / keyboard playing sounds.

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I have a Mac Studio M1 Max. Using Protools 09.2023.

I have an issue that at times, like today, I am unable to play Kontakt 7 software with my keyboard. I do. not have this issue with other software. I have had this occasionally in the past but after reloading, it has at times solved the issue. today no such luck.

I keep thinking that perhaps I have I inadvertently changed something in NI or is this a known issue?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

thank you


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    When you say playing with your keyboard I assume you're using Kontakt as plugin in ProTools? Because this could be a glitch with Kontakt, it's my experience that sometimes it can seriously drain resources (mainly CPU cycles) which makes it pretty much totally unresponsive for a while.

    Could that be an issue for you as well?

  • AA9
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    Hello ShelLuser,

    thanks for your reply much appreciated. . Sorry it took me a while to read it.

    yes as a plugin. I assume it is a glitch with Kontakt, there seems to be a few with NI and protools, Other NI software have a few issues.

    I read about the CPU drainage as I was having that problem. I went down to an earlier update and that resolved that issue. it is posted on this forum somewhere.

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