Kontrol K61 Midi Output to Amp 1/4 input OR Speaker Midi Input

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I want to get the k61 midi kontroller for more than just manipulating my DAWs, I also want to be able to play it as a stand alone instrument. I see the rear has a midi output. I understand that the majority of MIDI controllers are only sending MIDI signals; however, since this one has local synths onboard - I was wondering if I would get sound when I go from the midi output to a speaker or monitor that had a Midi input (with no computer or DAW inbetween). Can anyone answer this question? It is the only thing preventing me from buying it.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @rollingdice the S61 MK3 is a MIDI controller and it needs to be connected to a computer. You can connect it to another hardware using the MIDI out socket in the back for basic MIDI control. You wouldn't get sound by connecting it directly to a speaker unfortunately.

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