KK 3.0 causes Pro Tools 2023 Ultimate to error cpu overload

tony xxx
tony xxx Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have very simple projects with single KK instance that loads Basic Maverick. In one project with only 2 stereo audio tracks at 48khz during playback cpu overload occurs within 5 seconds of playback. The KK even bypassed but existing, causes this error. I have macOS Ventura on base Mac Studio. I found the installer for KK 2.9 and when rolling back I never see the cpu overload again.

I see that others have noticed in Logic, but with just single instance I didn’t see it, but with Pro Tools and Carbon interface if that matters it happens instantly. I guess nobody else uses KK and Pro Tools including anybody at Native Instruments ;-;


  • Oscar Morante
    Oscar Morante Member Posts: 23 Member

    I tried to use it with Pro Tools but the DAW integration wasn't working for me (is it already implemented?) so I've been testing mostly on Ableton.

    I'll do that Maverick test later and report back, I'm on a MBP14 with Ventura.

  • RobertDorn
    RobertDorn Member Posts: 38 Member

    can confirm for pro tools (2023.9, on Mac Ventura 13.6 , MacBook Pro M2max 96gb ram) . Also with just a few instances. Tried with existing sessions and also funky fresh new session where only after 3 instances playing back midi events, I got cpu overload errors. Both with Komplete Kontrol 3.0 as with Kontakt 7.6.1. So had to revert back to kk 2.9.4 and everything is running super smooth again. Since I only load up Komplete Kontrol, also for loading/using Kontakt libraries, I don't have issues with KK2.9.4 while the latest Kontakt is installed. If you're dependent on Kontakt, you better revert Kontakt 7.6.1 back to 7.6.0 as well. There's download links for both second-last KK and Kontakt versions in the forums over here.

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