Kontrol S88 MK3 purchased damaged

Andrea Spaggiari
Andrea Spaggiari Member Posts: 37 Newcomer

I received the s88 mk3 keyboard but when I opened it I saw that it is damaged. 

I attach photos. 

What should I do? Where do you report this problem to have the product recalled and a new one?

Thank you

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  • MartinHines
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    if you purchased through NI, submit a support ticket requesting a new unit.


    If purchased through a retailer, contact them.

  • PoorFellow
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    You can get in contact through support either at the Webshop & Orders or the Hardware Support! , which ever you think most appropriate.

    Personally I would use the Webshop & Orders since it is a damaged purchase that you have received, but you can decide for yourself !

  • Andrea Spaggiari
    Andrea Spaggiari Member Posts: 37 Newcomer

    Thanks everyone, I bought directly on the Native instrument website. I reported the hardware ticket. I await a response and hopefully a resolution with courier collection of the damaged keyboard and shipment of a new keyboard.

    However, these things are very unpleasant because the damaged corner was protected by polystyrene and therefore I don't think it was a courier problem. However, we hope for a quick solution

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