Had to reinstall the Kontakt 4 Factory Library - is that not available anywhere any longer?

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in order to open some of my projects, i need kontakt 4 and the kontakt 4 library. this was working great on my system until a recent HD crash wiped out my whole NI Library. reinstalling them was less straightforward than one would think; native access doesn't know about them, the legacy installers on the NI support page only go back to version 5, and while i remember installing them from ISOs once before (the image for disc D on the NI server was corrupted, i don't remember whether i posted about that in the old forum or filed it as a bug report or what), and while i could find an ISO image for the kontakt 4 installation disc in a forum post here, the library discs (A through I) are nowhere on the internet any more, it seems. the old NI ftp server doesn't work either. i had to dig through boxes in the basement to find the physical DVDs.

did i miss the links, or is that bit of history actually deleted from the web?



  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 221 Pro

    what's NI's policy on making these DVD isos available somewhere on the web again? Through them, or somewhere else?

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