S61 MK3 Driver only

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I contacted support already about it but, I thought maybe some one on the community can help.

I am using WIn 10

I have the welcome screen all the time. Native Access 2 installed so, the Hardware Connection and the Komplete Kontrol 3. Also the firmware has been updated to the latest. One thing I noticed that the driver is there, matter of fact the Kontrol MK3 is in its place on the device manager but, it is loaded with the microsoft driver. Now I tried to replace it but I do not have any otion from the list than the one already installed. I uninstalled thinking I would might pick it up but nothing. I rebooted few time and still no avail. Any chance to have the driver only? I cannot see it on the list on your site apart the firmware. Please help!


  • PoorFellow
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    More people have asked with respect to 'drivers' and N.I. have no mention of drivers neither in troubleshooting or in Setup section that tells if S-series MK3 has it's own drivers or uses Windows. But I guess that if it exists then it is installed either by Native Access or by Hardware Connection Service..

  • TonyB
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    All NI hardware have their own driver and unless NI changed something with the Kontrol MK3, I do not know. But, honestly, can spend quite bit money and go trough this. NI should hve already figure out. I followed all that was to be followed and I tried few things on my own and still nothing. That's a bit disappointing.

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