Battery 4 Not Opening or Recalling Properly Mac OS Ventura / Pro Tools Ultimate

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Battery 4 / Native Access everything is up to date.

The Problem:

Open working Pro Tools session from Windows 10 PC on MAC Ventura 13.6. 

Everything works fine on PC.

2019 Mac Pro is new system. All fresh installs. All assets scanned in stand alone. All paths checked and verified. All disk access granted for all. System consists of MAC OS SSD, Sample SSD, Session SSD and 482Gigs of RAM. All software is latest except for OS Ventura 13.6.

Always get missing samples dialog and most of the "missing samples" are nonsense and have nothing to do with the actual file that is missing. In fact they seem to be all the "missing samples" for all the instances of Battery in the session. Then if I abort, it will then open to the correct file with all samples greyed out, Then I go and find the correct nbkt and load it. OK Great right?

NOT SO FAST... With every subsequent open of this instance of B4 or any other, I will get the missing samples dialog again and have to repeat 5 steps ABORT, Sampler is greyed out, Load New Kit, Yes I know I will lose my setup!, Load new kit, Working. But if I open this instance or any other again, the same loop begins again and any changes that I had made are lost as well. This is absolutely impossible to work with. Every other manufacturers VI products do not have any problem. NI you need to address this mess please...


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    Iris Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    Here is a most basic example of a 727 kit I used for a few sounds that will not recall even though it is clearly in the factory library seen at left. If I load it from the browser it loads fine. But I need my sessions with 1000's of hours of work invested in them to open properly. I can't be guessing what my edits and patches are and have to jump through so many hoops to make a session play back as saved on the other system. Only to have to repeat all these steps every time I close the sampler window and reopen.

    AND ...Kit is gone after saving, closing and reopening the pro tools session as below.

    When it should open like this.

    Repeat this for all instances of B4 in a session and you have a total mess. NI pease resolve this issue!

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