What happened NI???

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I just don't get it when I see your Roadmap for Traktor. I used traktor since the first version, so over 20 years now.. Had almost all controllers and I always laughed when I saw serato or rekordbox.

You were the first to bring stems.. Think 5 years ago.. And now everybody has on the fly separation. How? Why? What did you do in the last 5 years??

And now it's actually just in planning?!?

I switched in summer to pioneer flx10 and was searching for a Traktor mapping. But no mapping can solve the lack of stem separation of Traktor. Please guys.. This should be your main focus, not some dpi issues.

So disappointed that over 20 years with Traktor I'm now using recordbox 😔😢

Aaaand.. The evolution the last couple of years.. I already thought that you plan to give up the whole dj business.

Got rid of some of the best controllers.. D5, s8 d2.. Why?

Don't you read any of the forums? Don't you care about what your base is telling you?

A very disappointed, loyal user, or now ex-user


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