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After I updated Native Access, Komplete Kontrol VST disappeared in my DAW and only displays Komplete Kontrol VST3. The same with Kontakt. So now when loading a recent project I get an error message saying unable to load Komplete Kontrol instruments. Well, that's great as most of the tracks contained libraries from KK.

Everything was working fine before the update of Native Access. From what I have been researching NI is discontinuing VST2? Can anyone shed some light, please? And how can I get VST2 working again?


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    I‘M in the same boat and now can’t get any of my KK sounds to load/play in all of my existing Ableton projects???!!!

  • lacyr d
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    It's disappointing that Native Instruments has caused so much distress for us all. I am waiting for NI response through their support portal. I will share any information with you as soon as it comes to hand

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    VST2 is discontinued tech that even Steinberg - the inventor of VST - doesn't support anymore in its products (Cubase et al). Most plugin manufacturers made the switch to VST3 long ago and so did NI.

    What DAW do you use and what error message do you receive exactly?

  • lacyr d
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    @ Monochrome Thank you for that information. I use Acoustica Mixcraft 10 ProStudio.

    For most of my projects, I use Komplete Kontrol VST 2 on my tracks. When loading these projects the error message is Unable To Load Instruments Komplete Kontrol.

    I could rework these tracks with Komplete Kontrol VST 3 but it would be impossible to remember what instruments I used from KK VST 2.

    I have done a rescan of all VST/plugins but that doesn't fix the issue.

    If VST 2's have been discontinued I guess there is not much else that can be done. I think in the future I will be apprehensive about updates on Native Access.

    Thank you for the information you provided.

  • wjoyce
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    Perhaps there's a way of installing the old VST2 KK for legacy projects? That seems to be the most logical solution but there's no way of doing that through Native Access.

  • lacyr d
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    @wjoyce Thank you for the information

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