Maschine plus/vst 3 useless?

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So we can use vst3 in the soft. But if I make a song in standalone, open it in the soft, will the soft use the vst2 or vst3 version of a plugin like massive for example? Because if I want to open the project back in standalone again after edits in the soft, the plugin (massive) doesn’t play, probably because the soft opened the plugins in vst 3 format or saved the project with vst3?

So I have to disable the vst3 plugins in prefs so I can have a project going back and forth between soft and standalone?



  • ozon
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    Yes, you should only use VST2on the desktop for all plugins which are available on the M+, until VST3 is also supported on the M+.

  • JayTee303
    JayTee303 Member Posts: 26 Member

    Thank you Ozon for clearing that up 👍

    I hope when vst3 comes to standalone , wich is supposedly coming out q4, will also be able to use instruments or fx with a low(er) cpu usage from komplete. (I don’t expect massive x to work)

    Like if phasis or raum works, dirt (and rest of the series) and replica should be able to work too. Resampling with fx embedded is no problem for me if it’s to save cpu, just save it as your project with comments or nrs after the file name.

    I especially bought komplete for those fx/instruments that I thought could run on m+ standalone… didn’t do enough research I guess.

    regarding vst3, I bet it’s only ni plugins that will run. Partner plugins like those from uhe (diva hive repro) just take too much cpu. Maybe the fx are doable…

    in short my wishes are:

    1 vst3 komplete support, kontakt and reaktor full support (within cpu boundaries)

    2 pls pls pls, add the file browser in standalone so I don’t have to import/tag everything, I know you want to push your expansions, and I probably have all those that interest me and think they are great, but being able to go through my personal (big) sample lib on a thumb drive via the folders wich already are descriptive is good enough for me.

    3 recording from the scene view to arrangement ala ableton would be awesome too, and get rid of patterns, just use clips for everything. Over time it has become possibilities overload. Scenes, sections, patterns, clips, snapshots etc. Not to mention the naming of scenes and sections switched when clips came out, so it gets confusing to say the least.

    Anyway even if Maschine was done tomorrow, it still does what it does, got the mk1 on day one, then mk2 Mikro, then the studio, now plus with a s49mk2 keyboard and still find it refreshing to make a song in Maschine without menu/options/choices overload. I think I will never get rid of the plus/smk2 combo, it’s a real joy to work with :)

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