Traktor S4 MK 3 and Traktor Pro 3.5.3 (High Sierra)

hy there

i started with the new S4 MK3 on my old laptop because my old S4 MKII has broken.

well everything runs well and it makes a lot of fun with the much better built quality of the MK3 compared to the MKII. But i hava a major problem with the tempo faders. the hard- and software doesnt match together, and if the autosync was on, the tempo range is totally out of control. after all, i cant controll the tempo even with the tempo faders on S4 or in the software.

anyone a clue?

i read something similiar but as i have the old software and cant update, concerning my OS high sierra im really looking forward to a solution.




  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,551 Expert

    Because you are in relative mode. But once you figured out how to use it, it's pretty cool.

    You can change the modes in the settings.

    Right now you can hold shift and move the pitch fader without it affecting it in software. You can hold shift, move it all the way up and now you have to full range in one direction. It's nifty.

  • lostandfound
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    wow cool Thanks

    pretty cool stuff

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