Load all velocities of certain notes in Kontakt for live performance

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The purge function seems designed to work in a DAW with finished parts.

For use in Mainstage for a live performance I'd like to be able to load all velocities of just certain notes. Is there a way of doing this without having to play every velocity of each note?

A purge mode that isn't velocity exclusive??

Many thanks



  • stephen24
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    Purge works with samples, doesn't care about notes or velocities.

    So I suppose the answer is No.

    I think KSP can purge groups, but not individual samples. (I'm not an expert, maybe someone will know better)

  • Triode
    Triode Member Posts: 14 Member

    That's ok thanks.

    I ended up just playing the parts through a few times after purging and then saving the mainstage session. It works well saving memory even in a live situation. Doesn't take long to trigger all velocity layers

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