Upgrade to komplete 14 select saying I don’t have the base to upgrade from

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I have komplete 12&13 and a maschine mk3 and a49 komplete keyboard


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    The upgrade path for Komplete Select is a previous version of Komplete Select. Even if you have a “bigger” previous version, this is not taken in consideration (yes, quite strange, if you ask me)

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    so I just need to change file location path to something else?

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    I have granted full disk access to logic and everything native instruments

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    Re-read carefully what LostInFoundation said. You need a base product. For Komplete 14 Select, this would be e.g. Komplete 13 Select. You cannot go from Komplete 13 (Standard) to Komplete 14 Select.

    This article may be worth a read:

    If you purchased the wrong Crossgrade / Update / Upgrade product, you can contact NI's Account Support team here.

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    ( Quote : my other post over here : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/comment/96533#Comment_96533 )

    First Quote Jeremy_NI :

    Maybe my colleagues were not clear enough. An update is for example Komplete Standard 13 to Komplete Standard 14. An upgrade is for upgrading a bundle, for example Komplete 14 Select to Komplete 14 Standard. You bought an update instead of an upgrade. More information here: What Exactly is a Crossgrade / Update / Upgrade and How Do I Qualify?

    Then my remark :

    So ! It is important to first and foremost to discern what it is that you have and have not !

    If you have a Komplete 14 Standand update then you will need a previous version of Komplete like e.g. Komplete 13 Standard to use that ! (and if you e.g. got a Komplete 14 Ultimate update then you will need to already have a Komplete 13 Ultimate, or another qualifying previous version, to use that)

    If what you got is a Komplete 14 Standard upgrade from Komplete 14 Select then you can use it to upgrade from 14 Select - else you can not !

    While Native Instruments both wants to assist you and appreciate you predicament then there is nothing anyone from support can do to help if you have bought the wrong product somewhere else. If , in that case you will need to either return product to where you bought it or buy a license for a previous version of Komplete Standard to use as base for UPDATING. If you can do neither then you have a loss at your hands which is incurred either by your own fault or by seller...

    As you have already written yourself then your Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard comes with Komplete Select which is what N.I. gives you and can help you with. If you want to upgrade Select to Standard then you need to have an upgrade for that NOT an update. Upgrades are for upgrading from a poorer version of same generation of product to a better version (E.g. upgrade Select 14 to Standard 14) . Updating is for updating same version of product from a previous generation of product to same version of product in a newer generation ! (e.g. updating 13 Standard to 14 standard)..

    I hope that the above has made it sufficiently clear to you what is the difference between update and upgrade !

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    Ok looked at all my previous base versions and they are all select and I upgraded to 14 select. I have 12 select , 13 self for a series and 13 select for HW . I got the expansions like soul sessions to install and a few others. I already own most of what’s included in 14 select but wasn’t sure if there are new library additions that I’m not getting because I can’t register the 14 select. I’m at work now but will definitely read suggested articles. Thanks for chiming in for help with this.

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