Could someone lend a hand in tweaking my Komplete Kontrol UI? I'd greatly appreciate the help!

Hctje Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Picture 1: My UI Komplete Kontrol

Here's the current UI I'm working with, but the workflow isn't as smooth as I'd like. I'd like it to look like what's shown in the second picture.

Picture 2: CommenUI Komplete kontrol

I get the sense that most people have their Komplete Kontrol UI set up like this. How did you all customize yours?


  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 354 Pro

    Graphic 1 is of KK V3.x or later.

    Graphic 2 is of KK V2.9 or EARLIER.

    No 'customization' is available in 3.x to go back to that look.

  • B.Minor
    B.Minor Member Posts: 180 Advisor

    Well, that's the new style of KK 3.0. If you want the old one, there's no other way than to return to the previous version KK V2.9.4.

  • Mistertoad17
    Mistertoad17 Member Posts: 7 Member

    Hi all. As everyone has stated already you are showing graphics from two different versions of KK. If on the other hand you are asking how to view the plugin window itself then click on the ||\ icon at the top and use the "view" menu from ... to change views.

    Hope this is helpful.


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