Can the CPU sing?

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A report by a German radio station.

Text in german language only.

Date: 16.11.2003 Deutschlandfunk von Maximilian Schönherr.

Every instrument has its time. Some survive their time and become timeless. So the piano, the guitar, the Hammond organ. Hammond organ? The hundredweight sound jewel from the 1930s has now been resurrected in the form of a virtual instrument. The central chip - the CPU - of any commercially available personal computer can faithfully reproduce the Hammond sounds. All that is needed as an input device is an inexpensive, mute keyboard.

Chapter 1:

Michael Kurz, Native Instruments, Programmierer von B4, FM7 u.a.

Chapter 2:

Besoffen von neuen Sounds. Brian Clevingers virtueller Synthesizer Absynth.

Chapter 3:

Reaktor, der Instrumentenbaukasten von Stephan Schmitt.

Chapter 4:

Peter Neubäckers Stimmmaschine Melodyne.

Chapter 5:

Die Algorithmen, die dahinter stecken.

Chjapter 6:

Neue virtuelle Instrumente und wie man sie spielt.

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