Wav import to "Sampler" or "Audio"

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Hi guys,

if I export an own kick sample as a wav and try to import it, I can only import as "Audio". I need it as "Sampler" to play it. If I import a random wav from splice, everything is fine..

I made a screenshot, so it should be clearer...

thanks for helping :)


  • D-One
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    Maschine tags exports as "Loops", so it will load them as such using the Audio plugin.

    You can just open an empty sampler on a new Pad then it will use it instead of the Audio Plugin; or just click the Audio Plugin (top left of your picture) and change it to the Sampler.

    If you have an MK3 pushing down on the 4D encoder while on the default page will also give you a list of internal modules/plugins so you can switch from the controller.

    If you plan to use the Sounds in other projects you might want to consider adding the folder as a User Library and change the "Content Type" Tag from "Loop" to "One-Shot":

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