What Does Kontakt Have For Orchestral Composers?

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Does anyone know what kind of orchestral instruments you get with full kontakt? I mean woodwinds and brass primarily. I see they have a symphonic percussion library so that looks covered. Since it's currently on sale I am thinking of buying it. I currently use the Kontakt Player and I have Cinematic Strings which use that. I need the other orchestral groups. Flutes, oboes, horns, trombones etc. If I spend 200.00 for Kontakt 6, what is included? I know a bunch of synths are included, but I don't use any synths. I also know there are many third-party libraries that use use the full version of Kontakt. In fact, I think Cinematic Woodwonds and Brass do, whereas the first library Alex Wallbank made, for strings, uses the free player. Then there's Cinewinds, etc. I know I can spend even more money and get great libraries, but do you get anything orchestral with kontakt itself?


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