Request: Possible to update NA to "hide" the new KK 3.0.0 until needed?

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With all the massive NI changes coming lately (K-Series MKIII + KK 3.x.x) and going (MK1 EOL announcements etc) - I am wondering if any consideration might be given to allow Native Access 3.6.x to "hide" the availability of the "new" KK 3.0.0?

This would be beneficial in two very important ways:

  1. For MK1 users - who absolutely NEED to stay on Komplete Kontrol 2.9.4 (or essentially brick themselves into real trouble) it makes "komplete" sense to allow Native Access to hide any KK 3.x updates until the end of time. This would instantly eliminate any possibilities of getting click happy in the future and kick off an install to a MK1 environment that will not be easy to walk away from.
  2. For us existing MKII users - the word is already out there that KK 3.0.0 is not exactly getting great reviews (for a variety of reasons) and until such time that this new software is updated to at least have a comparable 1-1 feature/performance parity with KK 2.9.4 - the prospect of having a constant "Updates (1)" label staring me in the face in Native Access for the next 6 months is not something I am looking forward to. And like an MK1 user - I also do not want to install this version by mistake and kill of a known good working KK 2.9.4 for no reason.

Hoping this might at least get some discussion at NI HQ and make it a bit easier for the user base to navigate these big changes.



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