Any difference on MK2 after update to 3.0? My observations



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    "Thanks God, now all previous library logos/icons/windows/database features etc. within the KK application (and on the MK2 keyboard) are available again; and most of all, everything is fully working again as expected"

    Sorry to hear about your experience with this - but I do appreciate your intel from the field.

    I am standing firm on KK 2.9.4 until such time I can confirm feature/performance parity has been restored to to KK 3.x.x before taking any chances.



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    Here is an additional information for all MK2 keyboard owners who would also like to revert back to the previous KK V2.X application because of the reduced usability that KK V3.X provides for MK2 environments:

    I figured out why it was possible for me yesterday to revert back to the old KK V2.9.4 without any problems, even though the new KK V3.0.0 had performed a full plugin/preset scan and triggered an entire rebuild of the database.

    The reason why all my personal (and over the months carefully customized) user data weren't harmed in the end is the fact that the new V3.X database (komplete.db3, user_config.db3 etc.) is fortunately located in a separate subfolder called "Browser Data" where it's creating its own set of files. Therefore, the old V2.X database, still located in the parent folder "Komplete Kontrol", wasn't compromised by that process. In other words, I was just lucky, as I'm running my software on a PC and not on a Mac which provides Time Machine etc., so I'm very grateful that my precious data haven't been converted or just overwritten.

    On the other hand, it must be mentioned at this point that the new scanning routine of the KK V3.X version has turned out not to work properly, as loops and oneshot sampes seem to be not detected correctly. So, if you really like to use the new KK V3.X from now on and it's also okay for you to live with a reduced feature set in conjunction with your MK2 keyboard (compared to the previous KK versions), it might make sense to take your last created database from the parent folder (V2.X) and overwrite the database located in the "Browser Data" subfolder (V3.X) with it. The next time you launch KK V3.X, you have your loops and one shots available in the same way as they have been accessable before. Of course, this seems to be just a workaround right now, but it might also help some users who struggled with the new application.

    As it seems, in KK V3.X the direct management of samples has been depreciated by NI; maybe that's the reason why they didn't have an eye on that essential topic. However, this is another reason for me personally to stick on V2.X for now, at least until V3.X has reached the same level of functionality again as its predecessor. By all means you can't call V3.X an "update" when half of its previous capabilities have gone forever from one day to the other. It really seems that NI is only focusing on MK3 owners anymore but forget about the majority of customers who are still using an MK2 model. The current NI statements, justifying their drop of proven functionalities by calling these "power user features only" is very cheap and doesn't match with reality at all. I guess they have a totally wrong picture about their customers, as it seems.

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