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Hi all

I got a large library of files nicely sorted artist\album folder structure.

How do i keep this structure in the track collection? Trakto imediatly destroys the structure by meta seaching for artist. It is sorted allready. How do i prevent traktor from re-sorting. Or can i somehow get a folder view of my collection?

I would like to jump tough the Track collection by pressing a letter on my keyboard. IE if a wanna play prince I press 'P' and then the collection jumps to the P section and from there i scroll. Is this possible?


  • Andy Lemaire
    Andy Lemaire Member Posts: 43 Member

    Sorry I can't help you with this, but I do have a question: which version of Traktor are you using?

  • seoman
    seoman Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Traktor 3 Pro

  • wayfinder
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    traktor has (in the browser tree) a view of the raw hard drive, so you can always look at your existing folder structure. you can alternatively use the browser tree to display only tracks by a certain artist, and then sort by album, but i realize it's not the same.

    there's currently no function to start typing and immediately jump to that letter (and it would require traktor to know which browser column you want to use this on)

  • seoman
    seoman Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Thanks for responding

    The explorer part of the browser has no autoplay functionality.

    So traktor is actually succefull in destroying the explorer function that comes with the OS.

    If i understand correct i import 25000 songs but the tracks become unreachable unless i start husling with a database aproach. And to make my self a little more easy i have to make a shitload of play list to get song within easy reach.

    To get it all practical i need to make playlist of each artist based on my folder layout. Hmm i must be missing something, I guess. Did someone made a tool for it? To create a folderlike playlist, based on my lib?

  • lord-carlos
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    Do you need the auto play function that bad?

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 211 Pro

    it'll be fine, you got this! the database approach is very workable, i do in fact much prefer it now

  • Laidbach Media
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    Hi seoman.

    You can do it.

    You can build folder structures in the playlist area.

    This structure should be able mirror your large library.

    Using the explorer you can right click the folders in your library and import as a playlist, do a batch.

    Then move the playlist in the structure. done.

    Try it.

  • Laidbach Media
    Laidbach Media Member Posts: 33 Newcomer

    Many people like myself have built their Librarys in such a way that it is its own database and we are familiar with it. Its not so hard to reflect this in the playlist area.

    I will try the database you mention, thanks.

  • seoman
    seoman Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    I tried importing the folder Various Artist into a playlist. All subfolders are ignored.

    ??? Do i really have to import every album by hand?

  • Laidbach Media
    Laidbach Media Member Posts: 33 Newcomer

    Its tedious but achieves your goal.

    Perhaps others have other methods?

  • Studio17
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    edited October 17

    Simple way: Set your file folder as favourite for direct access.

    Smart way: Import and analyze files. Use smartlists and feed it with conditions (e.g. Artist name)

    I use file folders sorted in decades and a smartlist for each and additionally smartlists for some genre

  • seoman
    seoman Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    This brings me a litle further, thanks

    Making the LIB my favorite does not change the programs behaviour. But it is more easy to locate.

    I cannot make my own filter? Damn It would be so easy if i make a TAG 'VA' to determine a original album from a single artist or an album based on on a genre. Foobar would tag that 2700 albums and 25000 files in a single command. Now i have to use a 'comment' Tag hopping that reflect the comment in the traktor database.

    I think i make it my self more easy if i take the VA foldes outside my libraries and add them as a separate library/smartlist.

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