transferring music files from laptop to external SSD Traktor Pro 3

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Hello all, maybe it has been asked before, or even explained before, but could not find a suitable answer for me :

I bought a new laptop, transferred all data, Traktor Pro 3 is working fine, no probs with that

The only thing is, I dont want my music (tracks in a folder, per month) on my laptop anymore, but on an external SSD, so I can save space on my laptop.

got a Samsung T7 1GB SSD, but how do I install all my music (mp3/wav/aiff/etc) onto the SSD, in stead of my laptop, so Traktor is (only) reading the tracks from the external SSD, and not from the laptop anymore (because I want to remove the separate tracks (in monthly folders) from my laptop

(yes, i do know how to transfer files from laptop to an external disk, im not THAT of a noob ;) )

what filemanagement of Traktor needs to be changed?

dont use cuepoints much.

many thx in advance


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