Michael Hetrick - Euro Reakt -purchased, installed, yet still shows as demo in Reaktor

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I have purchased the following

https://www.unfilteredaudio.com/products/euro-reakt which are addon Reaktor blocks

I install by following the developers instructions

1) Copy the folder to any location of your choice. As an example, in my setup, I’ve copied Euro Reakt to my Dropbox folder. That way, I can activate it on multiple computers without having to re-download the software to each.

2) Open Native Access. This should already be installed if you have Reaktor 6. If for some reason you do not already have it installed, install it from https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/native-access/

3) Click “Add a Serial” in the top-left of Native Access. Your Serial Number will have arrived in an email after your purchase was made. Paste the Serial Number in the field here.

4) Native Access will ask where the product is installed. Direct it to where you copied the Euro Reakt or Euro Reakt - Free Edition folder.

The new products appear in Native Access:

I then open up my registered and paid version of Reaktor and I get a demo message:

I dont understand what is going on, I have a legitimate, paid version of Reaktor:

I can see the serials for the new blocks in my native account

Can somebody from NI please help me with this? Very frustrating when you buy a product and it does not work like this!

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