Problems accessing iZotope account

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Has NI Been hacked?

Has our info been subjugated to hackers?

Why hasn't my account been 100% operative?

Why doesn't NA work?

What are my active serial numbers?

Why is Izotope history unavailabale?

Top tier gone 4th world!


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    There is some extreme jump or stretch from if you e.g. have had your own account hacked (which could be due to your own negligence with passwords or password strength) and then suggesting or accusing N.I. of having been hacked !

    As far as I am concerned then I am not aware that N.I. has been 'hacked' !

    When you are logged in to correct account using correct email address then your products should be listed here :

    If logged in to correct account with correct email and some of your product are missing then you would have to contact support ! No amount of random or unfounded accusations here are going to help you. Also then the only ones that can help you with account problems are support ! :

    As for Izotope , then N.I. are working on unifying account and it is all generally in transition so expect some disturbances at least. However again ! , if in any doubt as to your products or your account then contact N.I. through the respective proper support channel link found at the pages of the site that you visit !

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    @Scoops We already answered that in this thread about the Izotope account issues. If you have issues with Native Access, then it's probably a different issue, either contact our Native Access specialists here: or give some more information than "Native Access doesn't work" here in the community. Closing this thread as the answeres are already in the thread I linked above.

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