I cannot install Kontakt 7 on Mac Os 0.15.7, serial number

Ulrichellison Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


I am currently travelling and wanted to transfer all my recent updates from a Komplete 14 upgrade on a newer machine to my 2019 MacBook Pro, and I'm having troubles.

  • The newest version of Native Access is not supported
  • the older version that I use is not showing Kontakt 7
  • Is there a serial that I can obtain? Where would I find that?
  • I did put the Serial of my Komplete 14 Standard upgrade into Native Access, no Kontakt 7 is showing
  • all disk access has been given
  • Please help!

I understand that hardware and software go hand in hand, but at the very least, an updated version of Native Access should be compatible with ALL Intel Macs. It's annoying and a waste of time.


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