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So when I select [Bass Synth] under type, I only see results for Hypha ? that can't be right?

anyone else seeing this?


  • Kymeia
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    haha yes this is the stupidity of removing quality control over NKS tagging. The proper tag the developers should have used is Bass/Synth but someone decided to create their own category just for Hypha. The problem with this is it means there's an extra category that is functionally useless as it doesn't locate anything else. The irony is they even used the correct tag but still felt it was necessary to put in one of their own.

    There is an easy fix - right click on one of the presets and open in Finder/Explorer - copy them all to User Content, edit the tag then overwrite the originals

    Do the same with the patches tagged 'Chord' - there's already a chord character, it doesn't need to also be a category tag

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