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Kubrak came up with this concept that would enhance the MK3.

I love it. Can someone send this to product development please.

This brings together the best of both worlds. The MK 3 and Studio.

Kubrak actually posted this several years ago. This such a smart idea.



  • OhulahanBass
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    What does it add? It just looks like some redundant buttons and a jog wheel with an extra screen to code for.

    I'd rather more pads or something dynamically to perform on if I were to upgrade to a larger foot print. More strips faders or pads maybe...

  • D-One
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    I made that mockup along with quite a few others over the years, it's not a well thought out finished ideia, it's really just trowing ideas around with other users for fun. I could send it to the team as other more well though out mockups but it wont achieve anything, trust me.

    It's the right side of a Maschine Studio + a Screen, altho mostly redundant it gives direct access to some functions that a lot of Studio owners were missing when the MK3 replaced it as a flagship as having to enter a mode or holding shift is never as fast as dedicated buttons. This was the context of that mockups creation.

    The main point was to vissually show it would be interesting to have other controllers in a modular style that could add functionality, like the JAM did for example...

  • ozon
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    The whole modular controller concept (Kontrol Blocks) would also greatly enhance and integrate with the keyboard series, and could even be extended to include Traktor elements.

    But it would require a lot of foresight regarding the integration and connectivity layers, and investing into low level hardware engineering to come up with stable solution to last for decades, long before the first module can be released. Which is obviously not one of NIs greatest strengths.

    But it could be insanely great…

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